[email protected] (Dan Harris)

19/09/2003 7:20 PM

Help Pick A New Who Cruise Guest

I'm sorry to have to announce that we've lost one of our celebrity guests for
the upcoming 6-13 December Doctor Who 40th Anniversary Cruise, as Frazer Hines
will now be rehearsing for his holiday panto show in England while we're
sailing the seas along with still confirmed guests Nicholas Courtney, Wendy
Padbury, Terrance Dicks, and Barry Letts. We'll miss him, but if we are to
replace him with another guest, WHO should it be? We want YOU to help us
ponder the possibilities...

Based on our cruise bookings so far, we're pretty sure that we will reach our
goal of 30 fans booked that's needed in order to cover our originally budgeted
expenses. IF we manage to do so, BEFORE the ship runs out of available rooms
(and they may well do that!) then we'd like to go ahead and ask another
celebrity guest to come out and replace Frazer. If we reach 30 fans booked &
paid, we will try to do so, but WHO should we ask? Obviously we'd like to try
our best to bring someone WHO you'd like to meet. That being said, we're
asking all of you WHO are interested in these cruises, whether or not you are
actually going on this particular one, but most especially if you ARE, to let
us know WHO you would like to see by filling out one of our e-mail survey
forms. It asks all sorts of questions, the answers to which can help us to
plan better events, and there is a "comments" section, where we'd like you to
tell us your top ten picks, in order, for WHO you'd most like to see on one of
our cruises. We may or may not be able to get the most popular people, but we
really want to know WHO you think they should be, and your choices WILL help us
to decide WHO to invite, now and in the future.

So please help us out by going to the cruise web site today at
www.scificruise.com to let us know what you're thinking. We'll keep you
regularly updated there on how many fans we have registered so far towards our
goal of at least 30, and with the help of having YOUR opinions on WHO you'd
most like us to choose, we'll hopefully have a brand new celebrity guest to
announce soon.

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