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19/05/2013 8:50 AM

Doctor Who The Name of the Doctor Review with Spoilers

8/10 .

So now we know How Clara come to be on Alaska
in the Asylum of the Daleks and in Victorian London.

All right We even See some past Doctors in action.

So this is really triggered in 1893 by the Great
Intelligence. This time I hope he is dead for good.
That means the Yeti revival is off:-( ;-)

So this seance of a conference call , doable?

Maybe , maybe not.

Still River is back and so are the dangers.
With River back all hell is bound to break loose.

Tranzelore? Does the Doctor really need to end
at Tranzelore? White Guardian are you still around?
The Key to Time os needed before the Tranzelore Chaos happens.

So the Great Intelligance wants vengenace on Transelore.
That set offs a chance of Turn left or Turn Right the one with Donna
altering the time lines.

Carrying on maybe a great battle is looming.

Only Clara can save the day and that explains her interventinos.

River is mentally linked, so how does the Doctor see her?

So into the Doctor's timeline to rescue Clara.

We finally see potentially the Last Doctor.

Part 1 finished.

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