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28/04/2013 8:53 AM

Doctor Who Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Review with Spoilers

8/10 .

Kind of reminded me on Lost in Space the movie from a few years ago.

Paradox cause time rift and if not fixed TARDIS and it is on board will
blow up.

First the Doctor uses greed and menaces to
get the salvage crew to help.

Guess what, the Salvage Ship's Teams did cause a breach.

IT needs to be fixed and the
Doctor needs a button on this.

Greed, what a sin. Living metal to salvage?

The TARDIS does have self defences.

The Eye of Harmony in a TARDIS? Hmm!

All right what about a family feud?

Elements of interest and what about the CLoister Bell?

REal clue. Cloister bell and defences.
So everything resets and off we go.

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