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04/12/2016 8:09 AM

Doctor Who Spinoff Class The Lost spoilers with reviews

4/10 .

This episodes should be know as the Last as in the Last Episode!

April is still linked to The Shadowkin.

Ram's father and Tanya's mother are killed off !

April's mum would have been next expect that the King
is being devious.

This series falls short of expectation.

This is more Torchwood than Doctor Who.

The Shadow King dusts Prince and links his heart to his own.
He taunts the Rhodian Prince.

The only like scenes are Tanya being instructed to fight by Androth Quill.

THe shadowkin attacking Earth, any surprise?

PAthetic storytelling.

Enjoyable? Doubtful.

Even Ram being called by April spurs a
lost soul.


The Head mistress is stone angel to death.

The Cabinet of Souls destroy the Shadowkin

and April now inhabits the Shadowkin King body.

wow. Wake me up when this is over.

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