[email protected] (The Doctor)

03/04/2017 10:21 AM

Best Doctor Quotes Ever

1st Doctor : "We are cut off from our own people"

2nd Doctor : "Oh my giddy Aunt"

3rd Doctor : " You sir are a nitwit"

4th Doctor : "This is no way to run an Empire"

5th Dcotor : "so you see I am not going to let you stop me now"

6th Doctor : " You did not say they were eating their relatives"

7th Doctor : "If we fight like animal, we die like animals"

8th Doctor : "Indigestion"

War Dcotor : "It's a tool"

9th Doctor : "Hi I am the Doctor, run for your lives"

10th Doctor : "I do not want to go"

11th Doctor : "Geronimo"

12th Doctor : "I have new kidneys"

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