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23/10/2016 8:48 AM

Doctor Who Spinoff Class - The coach with the Dragon Tattoo Review with Spoilers


All right,

opening, someone is devoured by and unknown creature.

Ram the footballer is still moved by the Death of Rebecca IIRC.

So there is a dragon assassin at Coal Hill School.

A reviewer from the government is in to assess Miss Quill's
performance .

Ram is still not wanting to take about his prom date's death
and is just miserable.

Getting Ram to open up is one thing.

The PRince, April and Tanya seem to be getting along.

The headmaster's death witness be the Prince, April and Tanya
does start to scare the trip in action.

The conference call finally moved Ram to act.

So we find out, a dragon has merged with coach Dawson,
and the dragon's mate is the one feed off dead bodies.

Dawson, isn't that Tottenham name. Well I am an Arsenal Fan, but I digress.

So a robot was assessing Miss Quill.

Ram speech motivates the dragon enough to take Dawson back to where they
came from.

Quill is interested in the robot
(The Governors).

April still practises vilon.

Ram is practising football shooting.

All right, will this spinnoff have a better chance than

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