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27/09/2015 8:39 AM

Doctor Who The Scorerer's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar review with spoilers

PArt one 9/10

Part 2 9.5/10

Overall 9.25 /10

Surprises twists and turns.

I was correct! Clara and Missy teleported away.

Never trust Missy. Missy aka the MAster is evil.

She will push you down a cliff. She will
make you into the enemy. She will poke you with a stick.

She acts out of self interest.

The Doctor. Good and Clever eh S. Moffat.

Compassionate, Merciful as well. Yes the doctor regenerates every
Dalek and Davros inclucing dying Kaled mutants.

All right one question - Where are the Thals?

Who would have expected so many rivetting twists
and turns in a plot.

This includes the ending, the extermination of the handmines
and the rescue of Young Davros.

So which Daleks will be back.

Davros will be.

Pledge of allegiance?

You have to wonder.

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