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07/09/2011 3:18 AM

Let's Kill Hitler...

Okay, I finally saw this and am underwhelmed. It has little to do with Hitler
and pretty much is all about Mary Sue.

And of course the man River killed is one who 1) she saved at the end, and
2) she killed while brainwashed, which means that Mary Sue is not responsible
for actually voluntarily doing anything bad. Extra Mary Sue points for
sacrificing her remaining regenerations (translation: she gets to sacrifice
her life without the inconvenient story problem of actually killing her off.
Jenny got one of those too.)

It's also obvious that half the River stuff is being made up as they go along.
For instance:
-- Naming her Pond makes no sense. Last time they made a brief reference to
the fact that she should be named Williams, but making a reference to a plot
hole is not explaining the plot hole.
-- Supposedly her name "River" is because the people she was with didn't have
a word for "Pond". Well, it looks like the actual reason is that she heard
the name first. (My personal non-serious theory is that she is Harmonia Li
from the Legion of Super-Heroes comics--a mysterious immortal woman who
meddles with time. Harmonia=Melody=Song.)
-- She claims she's going to try to age backwards, presumably to explain
away the fact that she meets the Doctor in reverse order but she's played
by a human actress who has to age normally. But 1) one wonders how she gets
to the 52nd century considering that she can't get there by living through the
intervening time (which would make nonsense out of the aging explanation)
and 2) when River was introduced, she met the Doctor *randomly*, not
-- Apparently the death of the Doctor in episode 1 this season is a fixed
point, which means that it should have existed in the Pandorica Opens/Big
Bang timeline (I don't believe that for a second, and by the way, why was
River around then considering that she couldn't have been born?)

Also, if there was a movie I was going to mine for Doctor Who stories, it
would not be "Meet Dave". And who would design a ship where breaking a
bracelet is a fatal activity? (since apparently there's no off switch
on the robots, therefore turning a bracelet malfunction into death)
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