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06/09/2014 11:46 PM

Robot of Sherwood REviews with Spoilers


A little bit of history was reveiled.

This is when Richard I was on Crusade. Robin has lost his estate,
and the Doctor thinks these are robots of a fictional fantasy.

We know the Doctor lies, but can cheat as well.

Stick to cricket and soccer Doctor. Archery is not for cheats.

The Doctor getting captured after he discovers a Robot.
This gets to be dry Stephen Moffat.

Clara gets to be assertive, so much she is mistaken for the ringleader.
A strong companion works for me. Bimbos need not apply.

So Robin and the Doctor find the ship.

How did this ship time travel? No TARDIS available.


Arorow helps ship into orbits.
Sheriif falls to his death thank you Doctor
for showing Robin a trick.

And the Doctor and Robin are known as legends.

IS this polt simple or to simple?

You debate.

Also the Sheriff being an evil enslaver. Sounds about right.

Still the seeds of an historic rebellion were shortly explained.

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