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18/10/2015 9:30 AM

Doctor Who The Girl Who Died REview with Spoilers


At least this is shared with 2 writers.

Clara almost gets killed in Space and the Doctor comes to her
rescue. Cute. They end up on Earth
only find themeselves in Viking territory.

Nice. What the Odin is going on? Warriors come back
with Clara and the Doctor as prisoners.

The focus is Athlide or howver you spell the name.

All right 'Odin' wlaks among you or is in the clouds. So
suddenly why the creatures in concrete suits?

The Warriors are juices and the ladies who were taken up
survive and declare war on Odin and company who turn out to be the Maya.

The Doctor is talking Baby tryingto figure out fire and water.
The Village desides to fight. The Doctor trained all to fight
with swords. Is their a plan?

The Doctor get a plan as soon as he sees fire and water - eels.

Electricity time! Yes PArty on and fight is the Doctor plan.

It works. One helmet is captured and Mathilde does the rest
. The Doctor are Clara humiliate the Maya at the cost of Mathilde.

The Doctor then remembers Pompeii and decides to save Mathilde.

In the end, the Doctor might have made Mathilde immortal.

Let's see how this plays next week.
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