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29/04/2017 6:27 PM

Doctor Who Thin Ice - Review with Spoilers

Wow! This is mindblowing!!

9/10 !!

No explanation to what the creature in the Thames is
or what came about, but a good storyline!

The Doctor and Bill are in London 1814
where an ice carnival is happening.

So the TARDIS does land and should check his scanner
before going out.

Privilege, scandal, urchins, you name it well written.

So people are pulled into the Thames and are a meal


The Doctor sees a disappearance for himself , a poor yound theif named
Spider, and decides to get involved (Typical).

He does get the street children / urchins onside
(good writing on socail consciousness).

The Doctor decides to get Scuba gear and dive in!!

Underneath is a creature that is chained( why?)

Further exploration to a factory with the help
of a circus worker reveals mud brick that can be used as
rocket fuel.

The Doctor visit the villain Lord Sutcliff and here comes the action.
He fakes Club credential and when Sutcliff
becomes ungentlemanly, the fight breaks out
and the Doctor and Bill are arrested.

The doctor makes the most compassionate speak and
have no effect.

Both the Doctor and Bill are sent to the Thames
and the desparation now climbs.

Sonic Screwddriver to the rescue and the man with the tattoo
holding the sonic screwdriver is lunch.

The best scene. The Doctor is a servant to humanity
and Bill has to give the order.

A decision making moment for the companaion that makes this the best episode
so far.

Yes for liberation and then the acton happens.

Bill and street urchins evacuate the river.

The Doctor works on his side.

Sutcliff decides to blow up the river cirus.

Instead the Doctor reroutes the explosives
to free the creature.

Game oon! Sonic Screwdriver is recoverable.

Sutcliff is that last lunch for the fish.

Love the ending where the urhcins inherit the Sutcliffe name.

And that newspaper clip rock.

So what is in the vault?

Looking forward to next week.

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