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A Challenge To All Dr Who Clubs...

I'm happy to be able to say that Florida's largest Doctor Who club, The
Guardians Of Gallifrey, has shown their support of The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise's 40th
Anniversary Doctor Who Cruise by making a supporting membership donation in the
club's name. This, of course, also qualifies them for an entry in the "Beam
Yourself Aboard" competition, and if their entry is selected as the winner, the
club will choose one of their members to personally claim the prize. Julia
Langston of The Guardians has issued a challenge to all other Doctor Who clubs
& organizations to do the same, and we would certainly welcome it. Nothing
would make us happier than to be able to award some deserving fan club member
with a free upgrade to a full ATTENDING membership (or an alternate cash prize)
to the upcoming 6-13 December 2003 cruise, where they can meet some great
Doctor Who celebrities up close & personally on the caribbean vacation cruise
of a lifetime. And even if you're not the winner, the autographed program book
and the 3 exclusive audio/video CDs from our onboard workshops with the
celebrities that come with EVERY supporting membership will be rare collectable
keepsakes that you'll enjoy again and again. If you, or your club, are
interested in the details, on supporting memberships and the competition, or on
an attending membership if you can make it, they can all be found on the
official cruise web site at www.scificruise.com We will have to stop accepting
competition entries soon, and may have to select the winner by 15 September, so
you'll need to act quickly on this!

Dan Harris - Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Organizer

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Paragraphs are your friend. I'm not reading a huge block of text like

Gadzooks - here comes the Harbourmaster!
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or, "please give us some money".

sorry. Skint.


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