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04/10/2015 8:50 AM

Doctor Who Under The Lake Review with Spoilers [r]


Nice start.

So Caithness in Scotland has now become a lake.

The Northeastern most part of Scotland a Lake?

And a town nearby this base.

Scapeship is found suddenly one man is killed.

Doctor Appears on the scene to figure out what is going on.

The TARDIS is upset over something, but what?

The Doctor first meets ghosts then meet up with the surviviors.

Moffat, the Doctor as a blibbering idiot does not work

Note, a CLoister Bell is going off. Hmm..

The TARDIS is prevented from departing.

The corporate man dies drowned. All right, does Pritchard
have a mind to get back in that suit quickly?

Capturing of the ghosts. So now to cpature the spooks and see
what is going on. The Doctor does make something out.

Orion and Earth, what is the connection?

A search submarine does find in the Church the animation pod. All right.
Bring it back and more disater happens.

The Doctor and Clara are split up.

The Doctor goes back in time to see more killing can be averted.

Will the Doctor die as Clara sees the Doctor's ghost i nthe end.

Tune in to PArt 2 for the rest of the answers.
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