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14/12/2003 3:54 PM

Cuttings Archive Major Update - UK Gold @ 40

The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive -

Date: 14 December 2003

In another exclusive for the Cuttings Archive we present a new set of pages
covering UK Gold's two day Celebration of Doctor Who's 40th anniversary -
the Doctor Who @ 40 weekend - and the part the Cuttings Archive played in
providing many rare cuttings for broadcast. They include details of all the
cuttings used in the broadcast programmes as well as 180 screen captures
from the weekend. Additionally we present for the first time a number of
cuttings specially scanned for the weekend, including newspaper articles and
listings for the various stories shown.

Features in full:

* 180 new screen captures from the weekend
* 167 new pages
* 25 brand new cuttings
* 5 new main pages packed full of information and images
* An exclusive listing and guide to all the programmes shown over the
* An exclusive set of high-quality scans of the cover proofs for the four
special Radio Times covers that were published for the anniversary
* Links to the all original cuttings used
* The original press release for the weekend

And for the technically minded:

* 461 new files (6 MB of new images and pages)
* A new look to all of these pages, this will gradually become the look of
the entire site - all new pages will be in this format from now on
* All written in XHTML - the code validates with the W3C and complies with
accessibility guidelines - validation links at the bottom of each page

Go to and follow the links under "Latest
Updates" for more.

Comments on this update or any other aspect of the site are always welcome -
e-mail address below.

Thanks everyone

Cuttings Archive Webmaster
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