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13/11/2016 8:37 AM

DW Spinoff Class Brave-ish Heart review with spoilers


Both part 5.5/10

So who is the governor in red?

Looks like a manipulator like Quill the slave.

Ms Androth the Quill what a duplicitous women.

April really does get a heart up.

And I cannot blame Ram's father. Class should end today.

A little too simplistic.

April is out to restore her heart and has to kill
the Shadowkin King.

So they live in the Shadows.

She opens a rift and let Ram's father and her father come throught.

All right, was Ram really needed?

Tanya is the peacemaker and a clever lady.

So who is this governor who lurks in the Shadows?

She got hit in the head big time.

At least April provides a solution that let's Charlie off the hook.

so what rifts everything? Looks like Quill is a pawn.

And she beats a car up.

Yes she is that sick.

WEll all I can say is a bit of climax saves
this 2 parter, and now I am not speaking about the love scen
from Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart.

I hope this is one season only.

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