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20/09/2015 8:36 AM

The Magician's Apprentice REview with Spoilers [r]

9/10 !!

This is rather brilliant.

A warfield with contradictory technology.

The first thing that came to mind Skaro.

The Doctor manages to visit Young Davros without knowing it!!

The Doctor does feel the guilt, but how it plays out is interesting!!

The Servant of Davros is trying to track the Doctor down.

The MAster getting his last will a Testament?

Even you have to be curious about the Master wanting
in on this that every aircraft stops in mid air.

Parlour trick. The MAster is full of them.

All right so the Doctor shows up punny.

Suddenly everything gets atrip to Skaro
with TARDIS procured by Dlaeks.

Die Davros and the Daleks in Skaro.

All right

Skaro is suppose to be dead.

The MAster has faced the Doctor without the Sonic Screwdriver.

You beleive the Master, Clara and the TARDIS will die easily?

All right Moff, please do not do that much of a Maydryn Undead.

Brilliant new piece of work - handmines.

Looking forward to the next episode.
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