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26/12/2011 9:37 AM

The Doctor The Witch and The Wardrobe Megaspoilers Review

9.3/10 .

What I did not like: wimpy military in yellow grab. That was bad.

The rest splendid!!

The Doctor saves Earth 1938 and TARDIS and Doctor falls to Earth!

The Doctor is looking for a particular Police Box in England 1938
and Madge helps.

Her son tells his father that Madge is out while
Madge explains everything.

3 years later, Madge believes herself to be a widow.

The children make a wish and the Doctor is back as a caretaker.

The old house might not work but the Doctor sets everything up.

Smith is coming out of Tennant's shadow. I saw
him taking the role as its own.

The TARDIS as a Wardrobe, maybe not,
but the mystery Box by the Doctor's decorated Tree,
something to gawk at.

Cidric the little boy gets in and the real adventure begins.

Theme from the 1980s Acid Rain!!

However Battery Acid to harvest Androzani trees?

Salute to Peter Davison noted.

Why does man create his own deforestation problems?

Deforestation of the Amazon should come to mind.

MAdge to save the Day - Mum power.

The crown relay - Moffat genius at work!

The Life boat / Time Vortex device - Again right on Moffat!!

So now Madge has to think her way out back to 1941 Earth Christmas.

In the process she rescues her husband and crew.

S othe Doctor depart TARDIS repaired and meets up with Amy,

Note to Anti-Smithers I doubt any actor can top MAtt at this time.

Note to Anti-Moffatters tell me who can be a better
producer atheists need not apply.
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