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26/12/2013 7:35 AM

Time of the Doctor Review with Spoilers

9.1/10 .

Moffat is creatively cunniving writer.

You have too see all the episodes to understand what happened
otherwise you will be left behind.

The Doctor and all knoiwn species are trying to get
a signal which is attracting them.

The signal is Gallifreyan but not the planet. IT is Tranzelore.

Clara is with Dad and grndmothers for Christmas 2013 and wants to get
bailed out, esp. the turkey.

The Doctor finds the signal in a familiar crack, and is able to determine
that the message is from Gallifrey.

The Doctor is fighting everything from Daleks to Cybermen to Weeping Angels
to Sontarans.

Get reading for the Village of Christmas on the Planet Tranzelore
will see its new protector, The Doctor.

And the job is getting done until the Daleks lays siege to the Church
protecting Tranzelore.

Suddenly it is an all out fight between Daleks and the Goctor.

Clara's plea for Gallifreyan intervention works
and the Doctor regenerates and defeat the Dalek force.

It takea bit of time to say good bye to Doctor 11 ,
not as long as did Doctor 10 and new zany crazy person takes over.

Get ready!!
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