17/01/2004 5:17 PM

Where's Black Orchid? RE: The New Visitation DVD Release

Hi all,
It's great news The Visitation is coming out on DVD in UK soon. No
complaints here it's my fave from season 19. But I'm troubled that
with the two stories surrounding it out (Visitation and Earthshock),
how will Black Orchid ever see the light of day on DVD?

I thought perhaps they could put all three Davison 2-parters on a
disc, somewhere way, way down the road.

However Beeb Video/Worldwide has wisely (IMHO) avoided cobbling
stories together from different seasons on VHS -- save for black and
white incomplete stories such as on the Years tapes. King's Demons is
sort of hovering out there too.

Awakening they could release with Frontios as before, or in 2017 with
the Warriors CGI Myrka Edition -- the 4th from final release before:

- The Gunfighters: Ultimate Last Chance Saloon Edition, with pewter
sculpture of the Doctor's Tooth Keychain

- The Horns of Nimon - Extended Director's Cut (with MORE Brightly Lit
Corridors - and 30% MORE Janet Ellis!)

- Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Walking with Silly Rubber Puppet
Monsters Edition

and finally:
- The Twin Dilemma - The Holographic Enhanced 3D "Journey INSIDE the
Giant Gastropod" Experience! ;-)

Any thoughts or feelings about "orphaned" 2-parters? Or silly ideas
for the last 5 or so DVD release "special editions"?