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13/09/2014 10:51 PM

Listen review with Spoilers

9.5 / 10 .

Best psychological thriller to date.

This chews RTD's midnight and spits it out!

The start:

Who writes Listen on the chalk board?


CLara's date does get touchy, but crossing time lines really occur.

SO what is the Clara's involvement on the Doctor's timeline?

Very interesting.

First she comforts young Rupert Pink while
investigating the entity in the Dark. Why would such an entity
be interested in this party?

And toy soldier to guard the young.

Time lines cross again and this time Orson Pink
is picked up.

Looks like Clara and Rupert will marry.

I specualte Rupert might be part of the TARDIS crew.

The date gets confused.

And the end of the Universe , something is out there,
but we do not know what.

Orson gives an heirloom that Clara did influence.

Somehow the TARDIS finds the young Doctor in a barn on Gallifrey
and then Clara lulls him to sleep.

The mother of the Doctor sounds like Clara but even then I
have my doubts it is Clara.

We know thisis the young Doctor as we see the War Doctor from the
Day of the Doctor and very significant if you really Day of the Doctor
quite well.

The mystery beckons, but there is a creature out there.

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