29/11/2003 10:11 PM

{wsc} The Armageddon Factor -- Part 6

At last we come to the end of this story. As little as I like it, I
must admit that it has a very good ending. There are some other good
bits in it, as well. I think my favorite part is the scene where K-9
blasts his way into the Shadow's lair and goes into his act. I love
the way he clears his throat before announcing that the Doctor and
Drax have been eliminated. It adds just the right touch of lightness
to the rather heavy goings on.

I also like the scene where the Doctor pretends to be overcome by the
thought of the power of owning the Key to Time. I don't know why he
rolls his eyes up into his head, but it is very effective. Then he
snaps right out of it when Romana asks him if he is all right. I also
like the way he keeps interrupting himself from turning over the Key
to the "White" Guardian. I think that he figured out that he had been
working for the Black Guardian all along the moment that Astra herself
turned out to be the Sixth Segment and is just taunting the Black
Guardian to make sure that he had it figured out right. I don't think
that we ever saw the White Guardian at all. This whole thing was set
up by the Black Guardian from the beginning.

One thing I don't understand. If the Shadow had been waiting for this
moment from the beginning of time and had survived who knows what for
billions of years, how could he be destroyed by a mere explosion? The
only thing I can figure is that the Shadow drew his power from the
Black Guardian and the Guardian severed the link at the moment of the
explosion, thus dooming the Shadow. Or maybe he was set to self
destruct at the moment of his failure.

At least we have a happy ending. Astra and Merak are reunited, Atrios
and Zeos are saved, though we never find out what happened to the
Zeons, and the Doctor and Romana are off to new adventures in a TARDIS
equipped with a randomizer, so they never know where they are going