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29/11/2015 7:18 AM

Doctor Who - Heaven Sent - Review With Spoilers

9/10 .

I will never give out perfect scores unless the episode is excpetional.

Psychodrama at its best!

Te Doctor supposed it instantly teleported from secret London to
a mysteriuos castle 1 light year away from Earth.

He has to figure out why and how he got there
and what trap awaits him.

IF you have not figured out Moffat and how he likes to torture the Doctor,
Watch this hour long episode.

Apppearently the Doctor is caught in a repeat until loop.

Repeat the sequenece until you break the diamond mountain.

By the Way he must have done this billions of times until he broke the loop.

Where does he end up?

Home! And next week looks interesting!

You have to pay close attention!!

This makes Midnight looks a picnic.
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