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31/08/2014 8:19 AM

S08E02 Into the Dalek Review with spoilers

Heavy spoilers warning as usual.

9.5/10 !!

For those who understood the dedoctrination of
those soldiers subjected to totalitarianism
from the atheistic anti-Christian communism to
the neo-pagan anti-Christian Fascism/Naziism,
You will understand why so high a rating.

So I may not like the Coal HIll School scene.

Big deal. Hopefully this new tough as nails teacher
will join the Doctor and Clara.

A good Dalek, could there be such a thing?

What about those who turned from their evil ways
because their society went wrong like Communist or Nazi/Fascist

The Dalek started out as a human kaled only to have
some of its humanity programmed out of it similar
to what was seen in totalitarian societies of the 20th Century.

Can you make a Dalek good? Can you make all the Daleks good?

What a challenge to be miniturised and then go into battle.

Battling inside a transport machine with a reminent of
an organic Kaled.

First repair the issue that made the patient sick.
Whoops!! Reactivated Dalek programming.

Suddenly you have to fix what you intented to do - create a good Dalek.

On the Aristotle, either save the crew or lose the day!

Clara unlocking the memories plus the Doctor
mind merging with the Dalek 'Rusty' does save the day
and makes the Daleks see the evils of its kind.

Can the rest of the Daleks be reprogrammed?

Clara is back
and the Aristotle is saved with the Daleks in retreat.

And next week the Robin Hood Episode.

Moffat take a bow for this script.

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