Luke Curtis

07/04/2015 3:01 PM


This place is quiet isn't it?

Anybody (if there is anybody actually on here) have any views on the
Missing Episodes omni-rumor?

Personally I think there are certainly more episodes to come but
whether it is "just" Marco Polo or almost all of them remain to be
seen, I just hope it is cleared up eventually.

My top 3 wanted:

Power, Myth Makers & Fury.

ButIstillneedtoknowwhat'sinthere! Thekeytoanysecurity
systemishowit'sdesigned! Thatdependsonwhyitwasdesigned!
(Blakes 7, City on the Edge of the World - Vila in typical panic mode)

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[email protected] (The Doctor)

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07/04/2015 4:41 PM

No new rumours I am aware of. Just waiting for new Who
to turn up.
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