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11/10/2015 9:10 AM

Doctor Who Under the Lake and Before The Flood review with spoilers

9/10 .

This one with the twist and turns, who would have expected
everything in this one.

All right, The 1980s, yes, but Caithness as a Western Traingin GRound
for Soviet incursion.

And Pritchard, from the most invaded planet in the Galaxy and
the Fisher King.

So 1980s military base in Scotland and 22nd Century Earth.

The main villian, the Fisher King. I wonder if is should been name King
Reaper. What an ugly looking character. Warlike and unpleasant.

So the Doctor has to face off against time. Not even the TARDIS is the
Doctor get away with this.

Clever ending. The Doctor used one of the cells to blow up the dam
and drown the fisher king. He survives via the casket.

And the Doctor uses the wearable technology to limit the ghosts.

Dangerous are ghosts.

All right who thinks Moffat and Whithouse are too clever for their boots?

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