08/02/2011 6:29 PM


I'm starting to clear out the last of my Laserdisc collection on e-
bay, listing in small groups of 10 to 20 titles as I confirm each one
that has already been either repurchased on or home-transferred to
DVD. You can easily find ALL my goodies with a user name search on e-
bay for my name there, which is whocruiser, or if your browser
supports it, just click on this link:


Among the items up there currently is the American Laserdisc release
of the Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story "Day Of The Daleks.". The
Laserdisc format was never that popular, and was already getting
noticeably smaller numbers by the time these discs were released, and
Doctor Who's popularity in America was also at a low point then, so as
collectibles go, this is a VERY rare item. It's in like new condition,
and would be a great addition to any fan's collection of Doctor Who
rarities. And it also happens to be a pretty darned good story too if
you have the proper player to watch it on ;-)

Also, if anyone here still collects Laserdiscs, and has any specific
want list items and would like to bounce them off me for any private
dickering before the rest of my stuff gets to the e-bay stage, please
feel free to drop me a personal note at [email protected] (that's
whocruiser AT AOL DOT COM for the automatic address censors out there
on the net.) My collection is heavy on sci-fi, special effects, and
comedy, but there's something in there for everyone as it all trickles
out onto e-bay over the next few weeks. Also, It may be a while before
I no longer need it anymore, but once everything I still need to
transfer is done, I'll have a Pioneer model DVL-700 Laserdisc player
in excellent shape that will be needing a new home.

Thanks guys, sorry to be having to finally let it all go, but there's
a new wife in the picture, and she's absolutely right that we have a
few more important priorities that we need to address in the household
at the present time, so a lot of things are gonna be going on the
auction block to help fund the general household makeover effort. So
go make a bid now, and help us to pay for re-tiling the floor, LOL.