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Doctor Who S08E11 Dark Water REview with Spoilers

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The big build up! All right PJR I dare you to say
not too many viewed. The numbers might shift on this one.

This starts with te Dead of Danny. Hmmm What about Orson.

How depressed is Clara?? Very!!

She is so depressed that she would steal every TARDIS key and see them off in
a lava stream.

So what does the Doctor do? He gets Clara to think about
Pink and hence they arrive.

We see Danny in the Afterlife. Who else is there?

What about those from earlier this season.

Who is this Missy?

Clara lady we think. Looks are deceiving.

Missy is Evil!!

Missy has been arvesting the dead to create
Terran Cybermen.

So how did the Master become a woman?

Will Danny delete?

Part 2 to come!

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