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24/08/2014 9:03 AM

Deep Breathe REview with Spoilers

9/10 !

What an introduction!!

The TARDIS out of a dinosaur and the 3 that help comes along.

So how does a dinosaur combust , and what is a mechanical man
doing in 1800 London?

Surprise is what Moffat is an expert at!

SS MArie Antoinette!

Whoops robots that managed to time travel.

Maniacs are on the loose.

How to stop them? Hopefully put the Doctor in the trap.

And don't breathe or the droid will react.

All right so these robots murder for spare organic parts.

THe Doctor is still going through a regeneration crisis.

He could not recall the repair droids gone mad.

Worth watching if you are into minorly complex plots and surprises.

The old Doctor coming back and encouraging Clara to help his new
self. What a whooper.

After all while in London, Clara was going is this the same person?

And the machine getting to Heaven? Hmm.

I look forward to next week.

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