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06/11/2016 9:05 AM

Doctor Who Spinnoff Class Co-owner of a Lonely Heart review with spoilers


And I not not being generous.

The last one was focused on Tanya and her father.

Focii: Petals comes to Earth and Invasion seems imminent; the
grovenors want to make a deal with A Quill
and The Shadowkin attack and the focus is on April.

Now we are talking complex plot.

April's father is back and not wants.

Suddenly scimitars are in the grasp of April .

Who is this new head teacher and what is the link to the governors?

She seems to know quite a lot about Coal Hill, how odd.

Petals that duplicate when blood is sucked?

No squirrels and birds?

Will Charlie use the Box of Souls to save the day?

Petals in autumn?

So the Shadowkin King wants his heart back.

Ram and family worried about aliens is the least of the problems.

Ram getting romantic with April.

I am certain this is better than 2 men making love.

The key focus is on Arpil and the Shadow King to get
his heart back. However something else has crossed over.

The Ending is April going after the shadow king for her heart


the threat od petals coming in threw a dimensional crack.

Let's see if Part 2 works out.

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