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09/11/2014 8:33 AM

Doctor Who Death In Heaven review with Spoilers

8/10 .

I really did like this one.

The Killer: Rehash themes.

Otherwise interestign suspence.

The Dead are back and The Master cannot get it correct.

The LAst of the Time Lrods rehashed a bit.

Bad enough Jamie tought a Cyberman was the Piper coming to taken
him to Heaven, but the dead cyberised?

All Right Clara is Clever is faking her way out.

The big part of this is that Danny Pink and the Brigadier are
not fully converted.

The Scene bey Saint Paul's Catheral, UNIT intervenes. Nice cyberhead ma'am.

Smart moved but The MAster should chained in a jump suit,
not kept in the same grab. Recall The Sea Devils?

The Doctor in this Terran crisis is declared President of Earth. Hmm, that
could be pushing it and the MAster is not secured properly.

The Command Plane, what about the floating UNIT ship in the skies?

You need to secure the master properly for the dead as the MAster's
Army as 3 people are 'converted'.

So the plane is torn apart.

The Master misestimates both Doctor and TARDIS as s/he pushes
Ms. Lethbridge-Stewart off.

Danny not being fully cyberised works as the MAster miscalculates again.

So Danny and the Dead Army burns up the clouds.

The Master is still around. Every trusted the MAster
even about Gallifrey?

The Master is shot in Blue by most likely the dead Brigadier.

Will Clara be back? Danny not so.

the Doctor , well we have Christmas and Santa Claus so ...

Just try not to rehash themes SM.

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