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15/11/2015 8:57 AM

Doctor Who - Sleep No More - REview with Spoliers

9/10 !!

Gods?? All right Moffat just with the times.

Only one Goid exists in eternity.

So who found this scary?

Sleep deprivation!! Nice subject!!

The Rasmussen bit, a Sandman hoax.

38th Centruy AD. Great catalism realigns Earth and hence
Japan and India are close together.

Sandmen? Scary.

I find sleep deprivation moreso!

So the Rasmussen man is responsible for the abomination.

Wiat! A rescue team from Triton?

Can humanity establish a colony on Triton?

So The rescue team is mostly wped out and
the Doctor and Team have to the Morpheus project.

Clara is infected. what about others?

Remember LAst Christmas?

I cannot wait until next week!
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