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13/05/2017 9:08 PM

Doctor Who - Oxygen Review with Spoilers

9/10 .

The Doctor sets this up in lecture and in Space Oxygen is a cost. So
much that suits will deactive their host.
A lot of double entendres and many a theme on capitalism, computer
systems and quite timely given the massive randomware incident. Sorry
simpletons you do not qualify.

So the Doctor answers a distress call. No oxygen when he arrives. All
right, light up the station and let the party begin. A nightmarish

The Doctor makes contact with the crew and a bit of panic takes place.
The crew wants to know how the Doctor and companions arrived. A chase
does occurs of zombies going after the Doctor and friends
and when they arrive in the spacesuits that were under repair They meet
the humans and a blue man. Funny stuff about discrimination.

Well the zombie suits do break in and an escape has to take place.
Bill is in a really damaged suit. Her helmet will no work.

The Doctor gives her his helmet.

Does anyone recall terror of the Zygons and even 4 to Doomsday
where the Doctor can conserve oxygen in a state without health damage.

The Doctor ends up blind. All right, please explain!!

So what is really happening.

The suits are deactivating their 'organic' component as programmed!
The suits are programmed to believe that the organics could be wasting oxygen
and that is costly. Nice Capitalistic thought!!

The Doctor did 'zombie' Bill the second time and made the suits think
that death is too expensive!
Well programmed! Not a hack, but , yeah, talk about crocked programming.

The Doctor drops the surviving crew and headquarters.

Back in Bristol, it is revealed that the Doctor is still blind.

Wait on till next week.

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