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18/10/2014 11:29 PM

Doctor Who Flatline Review with Spoilers

9/10 !!!

REal mystery surrounding this one!

Also people all over Bristol Disappearing!!

So what triggers the Doctor and Clar's interest?

The TARDIS's entry suddenly becoming smaller.

Hmm. Why is that?

What is the cause?

You do not find ou till half way through.

And the Doctor has to depend on human Clara being her!!

The Doctor trapped in the TARDIS having to fight with the companion
in charge. Love it. The Ego now breaks!!

The best part: Use your enemy's energy against them!

As for Lying, yes it is a bad habit.

And what about those civic servants. Some really have an attitude
and no imagination.

No wonder the 2-D creatures never went after him.

And Danny in this one could be better.

All right why did the women in Heaven say she chose Clara well?

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