25/04/2015 8:34 AM

42 to Doomsday podcast - discussion about the underrated episodes of the new series of Doctor Who

Episode 35 - The boys from Oz are back and with nothing of consequence
occurring in the world of Who, we fall back to 'ye old faithful' top 5
countdown, this time looking at the top 5 underrated Nu Who episodes.
Which stories will make the cut and which entries will render Mark

We touch upon the Sony leaks, the Radio Times Nu Who poll and the long
awaited (and delayed) return of our 'Dragged from the Archives'
segment looking at casting of a new Doctor, the unfortunate death of
another and an intriguing look at an alternate universe's version of
Season 24 - would it have been an improvement on what was served up to

Finally - has the Omnirumour claimed the sanity of one of our hosts?