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30/10/2016 7:37 AM

DW Spinoff Class Nightvisiting Review with Spoilers

3/10 .

It is not bad scripting. This is a case of Bad Storyytelling!!

This was so linearly bad thatI am surprised this idea made it to air.

Tanya's father died of a Stroke.

This is 2 years on.

In the night a 'lankin' visit Tanya
and most of the area surrounding Coal Hill School.

This lankin also visit Ram, Quill and even The Homosdeuxal Prince and his lover.

As Ram tries to contact Tanya , he tries April to see
if Tanya has been around for the day.

Spookiest scene was Rachel coing to visit Ram, and he run to April's.

April does discover that his is a Nightvisiting. Danger.

Quill and her 2 boys who are lodging with her does take on
the lankin who is sister to Quill.

You wonder if these are humanoid spcies.

Prince Charlie recognises something is wrong with the sky.

He also sees his dead parents fade after lovemaking.

Ram and Apil sees a root coming from
coal Hill leading to Tanya's.

Spoil this further, Charlie and April figure out
the situatoin are being dire.

Well April and Ram walk in to try to save Tanya.

They end up being tied up.

Tanya does 'accept' but passes the anger to this creature.

Quill run the key roo down with a double decker.

The 5 celebrate a victory and Quill just gets sick.

So in the end, no one remembers - well yeah - no one
could figure out what was happening.

And Quill reminds herself that she is a warrior.

Question: Are the critics praising this show sane in their mind?

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