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Doctor Who Smile review with spoilers

google TV boxes are useful!!

Welcome to a new era.

I rate this 8.5/10 !

This is much better than last week's mishmash!

Bill does a Rose in this one and written better.

Nardole makes a brief cameo.

So past or future Bill?

Future it is!!

Did someone rip off RTD's 2nd script?


We see the future. Something has gone wrong with the robotic servants
and the humans. People are dying and sadness is target for unmutuality!

The first crew dies ....

The Doctor and Bill arrive to a new city on a planet
20 light years.

There are scanned and greeted.

The robots speak Emoji.

As I said unhappy feelings are reasons for being nailed off.

First its dinner.

Then the garden only to find that the dead are being used as fertiliser.

The Doctor and Bill make it back to the TARDIS rather britally.

The Doctor tells Bill to stay with the TARIDS while he
prevents a next ship from being slaughtered.

Back to the city for the Doctor. So far so good
and the Doctor is looking for something new.

Bill surprises the Doctor (how fast is she) and
Bill is getting under the Doctor's skin.
Yes, the Doctor is the Police . Nice twist.

The Doctor and Bill find a ship (United Earth) and enter.

The doctor gets Bill to read the schematic of the ship.

The Doctor plans to use the ship to blow up the mad machines.

Here is the brilliant twist!!

Bill find a young colonist!

As the Doctor is trying to set the ship to destruct, Bill is trying to
get new information to the Doctor.

The Doctor has to fight a mechanical antibody. The time of his life as usual.

As soon as the Doctor finds out about the new colonist,
he countermans his own sabotage.

He has to now plan a peaceful co-existence with the colonists
and the artificially intelligent life forms, the Vardy
otherwise humanity in its anger could be wiped out.

The young colonist is looking for his mother and feels sad.

An angry fight arises when the shuams and the vardy tangle.

The Doctor does need to work on anger control when bad news happens.

The Doctor's only chance is to hit the reset button
and he does.

The Vardy have forgetten unhappiness and grief.

The humans need to be clamed down.

The Doctor acts as go between and

please everyone smile.

Happy endings and a new adventure awaits.

Plot: Clearer than the start.

The doctor : His usual self

Bill: The companion that is maturing.

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John McCue

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23/04/2017 11:28 AM

The Doctor <[email protected]> wrote:
> google TV boxes are useful!!
> Welcome to a new era.
> I rate this 8.5/10 !

Yes and the robots were cool :)

Plus seems there is another mystery, why is there
an 'oath' ? I believe I know what the oath is

> Bill: The companion that is maturing.

Yes, and she seems to becoming a very interesting
companion, could end up being one of my favorites.


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