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23/10/2016 8:48 AM

Doctor Who Spinoff Class - For Tonight We die review with spoilers

6/10 .

We establish who key characters are.

2 poeple The doctor rescued one is a prince , the other a servant for life.

We have an Sikh footballer -Ram , One White girl
who is linked to an alien via heartbeat -April

and a Nigerian girl 3 years young than the rest - Tanya.

Does this sound so far inpsiring?

Jokes about Sheffield understandlble.

Jokes about Downton Abbey understandable.

Opening, one student running for his life for man alien creature
only to be killed doing so.

The Mysterious Miss Quill gets 2 creatures

So this battle follows the 2 surviors to Coal Hill School (did UNIT help
integrate these 2) ?

Prom night and April is trying to get everyones attention.

Look out an alien attack it under way.

The only saving grace. The Current Doctor steps in to
save the Day.

Light it up!

Well Coal Hill School is now surrounded by Artron Energy
in a rift.

Anyone here motivated and enthuiastic?

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