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21/05/2017 8:11 AM

Doctor Who Extremis Review with Spoilers Warning


Written to intrigue

I may not be a fan of the RCC but even in simulation we see a greater evil.
Computer simulation, what an idea.

The Doctor is blind and guarding the vault.

He is remember the 'execution' of Missy and is sworn to guard her for
1000 years dead or alive. Nardole is in there as comic relief.

Also the Doctor is in Bristol to receive a Vatican City delegation, or is he?

He picks Bill up. Pipes and the Pope? Nice tough of rough humour.

The Vatican, Veritas is 'getting translated' and suicides are being committed.

I will blow this open right now. An alien invasion simulating Earth is
happening. Even the projecotrs are gettng it correct.
Are you real or part of the simulation?

This reminds me of a Combination of The Android Invasion and the Long Game.
The Android Invasion, the adversary simulates Earth to see how to invade it.
The Long Game, everyone on Earth is playing a Game within a Game.

So now we have an invader with the perfect replication, Doctor included. Well
big mistake, personality is also copiedy and hence the Real doctor could
be warn. 3 plots lines in one.

Plotholes anyone?

Can the Doctor stop the invaders? That is answered next week after
Arsenal beats Chelsea for the FA Cup!

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